Transforming waste into value: Upcycling biomass for a sustainable future

Closing the loop, one product at a time

Our patented technology is driven by the fundamental principles of the circular economy and allows to find a use for industrial by-products of the agri-food chain obtaining raw materials with high added value that can be used for several industrial applications. Our technology is easy, scalable and sustainable

The advantages of our process

Replacing plastic, sustaining our planet: Innovative feedstock solutions for a greener future

The materials we currently focus on are CELLULOSE and CHITIN,  substances used as a substitute for plastic in many applications, which have a worldwide market potential of billions of dollars and applications in several markets

current target markets

The first product created is a tree-free paper produced from cellulose from citrus waste in which the fiber from the oranges replaces the virgin cellulose up to 80%

Bi-rex orange paper

Empowering a sustainable future through innovative use of agro-food biomass

Our values are in line with the UNO agenda and the goals described in the SDGs

Our vision reflects also all the ESG criteria, supporting of the Environment thanks to a green process, Social aspects thanks to the reuse of waste and the preservation of virgin resources and the Governance aspect supporting women empowerment